Re:Verse reading–Romans 1:18-32 (day six)

The central theme to our rev:verse text is not primarily the wrath of God, nor is it the sinfulness of man, but rather it is the Glory of God. Proverbs 4:23 says, “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of life.” The great “unrighteousness” that Paul writes about is the sin of the unguarded heart; we gave our heart to another. We were made in the image of God, designed to behold, enjoy, and find purpose in the Glory of God, and yet we did not. We did not “honor him, or give him thanks.” The results are self-evident, just turn on the news. Once we chose to worship creature over creator, all hell broke lose. The affections of our hearts have “determined the course of [our] lives”

Our hearts need realigning. “Oh, what wretched people we are! Who will free us from lives of sin and death? Thank God the answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord!” Romans 7:24-25

Author: Danny Panter

Danny is the Associate Pastor for NextGen Marrieds & Community Missions at FBCSA.

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