The leaders we need

Re: Verse reading–John 10:1-21 (day one)
“He who does not enter by the door. . .is a thief and a robber”–v 1.  Jesus had harsh words for the so-called leaders of the Jewish nation.  He was constantly puzzled by their low-insight, low-impact lives.  In John chapter 10, the Lord uses two metaphors.  First, He is the door into the sheep fold (v 7).  Then, He is the good shepherd (v 11).  Confusing?  In both instances, Jesus is setting the standard for leadership in God’s family.  First, leaders must come to the church THROUGH Jesus.  Sent to us by His assignment and will.  Those who don’t come through the door, are thieves.  Secondly, they must be LIKE Jesus in moral quality.  He is the GOOD SHEPHERD.  Others are “under shepherds”  (See 1 Peter 5)  If Jesus is sacrificial and courageous, our leaders must be as well.  No question, the LORD shepherds His people.  And one of the ways He does so is by choosing and sending us leaders.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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