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Re: Verse reading–Psalm 103, Luke 17:11-19 (day five)
Do you believe that Jesus was the most “joy-filled” person who ever walked this planet?  Do we want to have that kind of “joy-filled” life?  If the answers are yes, then we must look at how He lived and what He taught.   It’s really what we’ve been doing all summer- studying the hows and whats.  Jesus certainly taught about thanksgiving and gratitude (Luke 17).  And He faithfully practiced it  (Last supper, feeding of 5,000, raising of Lazarus, and many more times)  There is a connection to a thankful heart and joy-filled life.  We need look no further than our Lord for proof and practice.  I read this week that Thanksgiving is a “confession of blessings”.  This practice causes us to remember (past), rejoice (present), and regain an eternal perspective (look to the future).

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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