Re: Verse reading–Ezekiel 20:1-32 (day five)
The “older I get, the better I was”- words of a wise friend spoken to me many years ago.  I often use them in humor reflecting on my years as a basketball player. But the truth of those words is profound.  Interesting the effects of the human heart on our memory.  Often the moments of sin or disobedience will be remembered as “less severe”, while the moments of faithfulness or obedience will be remembered as more glorious (our own glory) than they actually were.  Seems Israel had this same problem.  So, Ezekiel gives a brutally honest and accurate recounting of Israel’s history in chapter 20.  So what’s the cure for our “selected memory”?  May I suggest 2?  Humility (James 4) and a Contrite Heart (Psalm 51)

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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