Point of no return

RE Verse reading – Jeremiah 18:1-12, 19:1-15 (day six)
“Then break the jar while those who go with you are watching, and say, ‘This is what the LORD Almighty says, I will smash this nation and this city just as this potter’s jar is smashed and cannot be repaired.’ ” (19:10-11)  It is called “the point of no return”.  Aviation term referring to the point in a flight, due to fuel consumption, it becomes impossible to return to the base from which the plane took off.  Do people ever reach this place?  When the consequences come and it becomes impossible to get back “what we had”?  The Bible says yes.  Parents who love children warn them of such things.  Pastors who love congregations.  In Jeremiah 18, Judah is compared to wet clay.  Elastic.  By Jeremiah 19, the picture is different.  Now the clay is hard and unyielding.  The time for justice has come. “He found no place for repentance, though he sought for it with tears.”  (Hebrews 12:17)

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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