40 Days of Prayer – Haven for Hope

It is a profound (and instructive) irony.  When God became a man, He came as a poor and homeless man.  Not a king’s palace.  A manger to be born in.  Makes a clear statement, doesn’t it?  Value and dignity have nothing to do with wealth!  Poverty is not a death-sentence for holiness or hope.

Day 30 – Will you pray for Haven for Hope?

Several years ago, the city of San Antonio, in cooperation with faith-based benevolence organizations opened a place for people in our city who are hungry and homeless.  It is a place of refuge.  A place where food, shelter, drug/alcohol addiction treatment, counseling, dental care, job training and many other needed forms of assistance are provided to the poorest citizens of our city.  Since compassion for the poor is part of God’s command, will you pray for the workers and leaders of Haven for Hope?  Will you plan a visit in the new year?  The best way to celebrate Christmas is to remember the poor and one of the best ways to assist the poor is Haven for Hope.

RE Verse reading – Luke 12:13-34 (day seven)  I will see you in worship in a few hours!

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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