40 Days of Prayer – The Celebrations

Throughout scripture we read of the importance of music and singing.  Both Isaiah (Is. 6) and John (Rev. 4) describe scenes in Heaven where the seraphim surround the throne and cry out Holy, Holy, Holy without ceasing.  Even if that doesn’t turn out to be singing, I’m sure that’s quite a site.  2 Chronicles 5:12 describes the roles of the Levites who were to sing in the temple 24 hours a day.  What is then about this season that makes everyone think about music to help celebrate?  I could provide you with an answer to that, but instead, I will ask you to pray.

Day 12 – Will you pray for the music of the season?

Sounds a bit odd doesn’t it?  That may be true, but when we sing these carols that everyone loves to sing we don’t do it for nostalgia.  We sing them because they contain truth and point others this message of Jesus.  It is always easy to get a good crowd for a Christmas presentation, but our heart’s desire is not to entertain.  Rather, it is to soften hearts to hear the Word.  This is why we put such effort and thought into these programs.  Will you please pray for your music ministry? Pray that they will still find the joy in singing this message.  Pray for the directors, coordinators, accompanists, and helpers who work with every age to teach these great songs.  Pray that those in our audiences and congregations will hear these words and understand this good news.  But most of all, sing your heart out!

Re: Verse reading – Luke 7:1-17 (day two)

Author: Aaron Hufty

Aaron Hufty is the Associate Pastor for Worship and Music at FBCSA.

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