Grabbing the Gospel

Re: Verse reading–Hebrews 3:7-4:13 (day five)
Only twice in the entire book of Hebrews does the author use the verb, “to believe” (although he’ll use the noun, “faith” or “belief” thirty-two times). Like a carpenter driving in an extra nail to hold the board securely in place, the author slams home the point that it is those who believe the good news who find rest not just those who hear the good news (4:2). It‘s not enough to be around people of faith. We must become a person of faith. It’s not enough to inherit a tradition of faith. We must take hold of it ourselves. As Jacob grabbed the Angel of the Lord and demanded a blessing before he released him (Genesis 32:24-26), so we must grab hold of the claims of the gospel and not let go until our lives are utterly transformed. Transforming faith is an active faith. The bad news is some will miss the “rest” offered by the gospel because they simply stood still. The good news is the promise to “enter the rest” is secure for all who believe.

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