God Sent

Re: Verse reading–Genesis 41:25-57, 45:4-8 (day three)
When a stranger holds the door open so you can exit the store with arms full of groceries, you might say, “You’re a God-send!” When your tax return is just enough to cover the unexpected car repairs you might tell your friend, “it was a God-send!” What is this instinct in us that attributes unexpectedly good happenings as sent from God? Some will call it good fortune. Others will refer to providence. It takes no real act of faith to recognize and celebrate these fortuitous moments. The real act of faith is to look on the darkest and most painful moments of life and declare, “that was a God-send.” The eyes trained by faith will see God’s sovereign hand “preserving life” not just in the moments of “good fortune” but also in the moments of “sheer, bad luck.” Joseph said, “God sent me” through the trouble “to preserve life” (45:5). Joseph’s heart of faith was revealed by what his eyes perceived through his trouble. What do your eyes perceive through your trouble? Does what you perceive reveal a heart of faith?

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  1. Actually this post was a God-send. The Lord used it to remind me of a time when I was praying for several churches. Suddenly I began to “see” it raining in the spirit. It was raining inside the churches…. but more so in one particular church. Later, we noticed the forecast changed from clear to rain. My spouse said that is strange… the last time i checked it said clear. I told about my prayers and we began to joke as my spouse asked if I thought I could refrain from praying for rain right before our trip to the coast. I said it did not work that way. We stopped on our way out of town and my spouse was laughing while getting back into the car. I asked what was up. We laughed hard at the fact that the newspaper headline said tropical storm might be a God-send. The name of the storm (of course) was the same as the name of the Pastor from the church where I had seen it raining more. I got angry (long story). It turns out that storm did not amount to much and there was a lesson to be learned here.

    I knew what God was trying to tell me but I did not have the maturity yet to be able to “see through” the situation I was in and thank Him for it… to trust Him… despite the pain. I missed the mark in so many ways.

    I am now a totally different person (Glory to God!) and as I pondered all this yesterday I earnestly sought the counsel of the Lord. Then, the Spirit led me to a sermon that speaks so clearly to my particular situation.

    (there is a 30 second pause before it starts playing. FYI)

    He used it to call me again to my part in the plan He never forgot. I do not deserve His Mercy and Grace. I am not there yet, but definitely on my way. May it be so, Father. May it be so!

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