Re: Verse reading–Ruth 1:1-19a (day two)
There are many unique characters in the Bible. Murderers turned into leaders. Prostitutes turned into followers. The portrait of many Bible characters is not very flattering, and you’ll find children’s Bibles selectively retelling their stories. Occasionally, you come across people whom you’d actually like for your children to imitate. Ruth and Boaz are two of them. Ruth is unflinchingly dedicated and ready to trust God. She works hard and respects authority. She is articulate and brave in the presence of foreigners and earns a good reputation. Who wouldn’t want their daughter to be like her? Boaz is a good manager and a generous man. He shows kindness to the needy and respect for his ancestors. He refuses to circumvent the law and is willing to redeem even a foreign woman in need of his care. Most contrary to American norms, he is attracted to Ruth because she is a “woman of noble character” (3:11). Who wouldn’t want their son to be like him?

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