Answered prayer answered

RE Verse reading–Genesis 24:34-67  (day seven)  “Then I bowed my head and worshipped the Lord, and blessed the Lord. . .who had led me by the right way”  (v 48)  It is a 3 step process.  Ideally.  We call on God.  He answers.  We worship.  Sadly, the third step is frequently omitted.  Anyone else ever seek God in crisis, receive an answer and then rush right back into life without worshipping?  I am sorry to admit but I often play the part of spoiled child.  Ungrateful.  Taking His kindness for granted.  “Bless the Lord, O my soul. . .forget none of His benefits”  (Psalm 103:2)  “Do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness. . .knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance.”  (Romans 2:4)  God’s gifts are freely given.  We cannot repay Him.  However, every answered prayer waits for a response of praise from a receptive and grateful heart.  May we gather in a few hours and bow and worship this generous God!

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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