The Pit

Re: Verse reading–Genesis 37:2-14, 18-28, Genesis 39:1-12 (day two)
“Then they took him and threw him into the pit” (Genesis 37:24). The pit. The darkness was blinding. The jagged walls tore at his flesh. The dust choked his breathing and caked inside his mouth. The isolation gave birth to a loneliness he had never known. The futility of escape let in the first creeping shadow of hopelessness. Escaping the pit and going home was his first priority. But God had another first priority. The pit was the safe haven preserving his life from the murderous intentions of his brothers. The pit was the purifying fire out of which would emerge the pure gold of moral integrity. The pit was the pathway to humility and clarity of insight that would lead a nation. The pit was the servant of God who would rescue His people from starvation and keep the promise to Abraham. Accomplishing salvation for the world was God’s first priority, and He would do it through the pit. God’s priority hasn’t changed, so what is He accomplishing in your pit?

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