Christian assertiveness

Re: Verse reading–Psalm 118 (day six)
“The Lord is with me. . .  I will look in triumph on my enemies.   (vs 7)  Assertiveness is a good thing.  In the right moment, it is a Christ-like thing.  It is not a sin to “overcome the world” or even desire to.  Sometimes I get fuzzy on this point.  I remember Christ’s teaching on loving enemies.  I also remember Him cleansing the temple and publically confronting the Pharisees.  Maybe I don’t always know HOW to balance these two responsibilities.  I do know that I MUST balance these two responsibilities.  Psalm 118 assumes that we recognize the tension that exists between the Lord and this rebellious world.  There is a war going on.  Being passive or apologetic is not an option.  Assertiveness is (can be) a good thing.  On Monday, Memorial Day, I will be grateful for people who did not back down from a fight.  I will also remember that the same is required of me.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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