Paper Prayer Chain

Re: Verse reading–Psalm 118 (day two)
It’s not the prayer chain that consists of five people I call to alert everyone of a need for prayer. It’s a prayer chain hanging from the wall in my kitchen. Each paper link represents a specific prayer that my young boys have prayed and seen God answer. The latest addition to the chain reads, “God, bless our family with a baby.” Around November, we are expecting our family to grow, and our prayer chain is growing too! Psalm 118 serves as a paper prayer chain too. Recited every Passover, Jewish families would recall the Lord’s miraculous deliverance from Egypt. Remembering the answered prayer stirred up thankfulness, and thankfulness stirs up joy. Maybe that’s why the apostle Paul taught his churches to be thankful (Philippians 4:6)? He knew that thankfulness was the pathway to the joy he expected from them…and us (Philippians 4:4). Start your own paper prayer chain or answered prayer list. It is a simple step down the path of life long joy.

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  1. Congratulations! May the Lord bless your family richly.

    Father, we thank you for your many blessing!

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