Confessions of a Functional Atheist

Re:Verse reading–Psalm 53 (day two)
Over worked, over stressed, always rushing in to save the project, the friend in need, the person in crisis. This is the life of the functional atheist. He serves his church, his family, his work, his community…yet secretly he resents those he serves. “Why can’t they take care of themselves? Why won’t they step up and take responsibility? Why aren’t they more like…more like me?!” Now the heart is being exposed. He would never say with his lips, “there is no God,” but his heart has said, “I must be the savior, the deliverer, the problem-solver, the provider.” His heart has said, “there is no God, so I must do the best I can to be god.” He is a functional atheist even while being a confessing Christian. A wrong idea has infected his heart, and only replacing it with a right idea will restore his being.  There is a Savior, Deliverer, Problem-Solver and Provider. His name is Jesus.

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