RE Verse reading–Mark 14:1-9 (day five)
What are the opportunities of today? Chances for generosity? Potential for encouragement? Moments for reflection? Circumstances to bring stress? Climates to distract and discourage? Actions to bring criticism and judgment? All of the above?

One amazing insight in this passage is the capacity of some to see an opportunity and others to completely miss it. Mary “sees” the opportunity for worship and service to the Lord. The “others in the room” (probably the disciples) completely miss it. So much so, that they begin to criticize her. Wow, how quickly they got off track. Was it the criticism of the religious leaders? Was it the stress of constant tension? Was it fatigue? The bottom line is they missed the opportunity.

I’m feeling very vulnerable. Today, I will pause this morning to pray and read the scripture. I will pray in between meetings, conversations, and activities asking God to speak to me and help me “see” my opportunities. I don’t want to miss any today.

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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