All In

Mark 14:1-11 (day two)
“She broke the jar…” (Mark 14:3). A broken jar is a useless jar. What once symbolized wealth, beauty, opportunity and hope now depicts emptiness, uselessness, future-lessness and lifelessness. The moment that jar broke there was no turning back. The bridges were burned. She made the leap. She stepped out in faith. She went all in. The woman was not merely turning to honor Jesus. She was turning from a former source of hope, security and happiness. She gave it all up for a new hope, a new refuge and a new contentment. That’s the way it must be with Jesus. He cannot ever be one of many hopes any more than you can drive two cars at the same time. To follow Jesus requires “breaking the jar” of your past life, past security, past hope and pouring it out to honor Jesus, trust in Jesus, rest in Jesus, count on Jesus, be like Jesus, hope in Jesus. Following Jesus requires going all in. Are you in?

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