A “Religious” Man’s New Year Resolution

RE Verse reading–Mark 5:22-43 (day two)
“If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed” (28). Are you still reaching out to “touch” Him? You do still see how sick you are, don’t you? Selfishness, falsehood, insecurity…sin, habitual and hidden, still seeps out. Justification is complete in Christ, but sanctification is an ongoing work of Christ, clothed in righteousness. If I would know the healing power of Christ, then I must resolve to reach out to Him, not once but always. Not Sunday but every day. So be it resolved, I will not…”get used” to sin in my life, be satisfied with partial sanctification, compare my growth to others and celebrate that “I am not like them,” and occupy myself with radio, TV, Facebook, movies, working out, and hanging out so that I don’t have to face how fragile, inconsistent, weak, broken, small-minded, unforgiving, prayerless and faithless I really am. No. I will reach for Christ. If I just touch His clothes…

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