Terrorist Bombs, Car Engines and Christmas

RE Verse reading–Mark 5:1-20 (day two)
“No one was strong enough to subdue him” (Mark 5:4). What’s the difference between a terrorist bomb and a car engine? One unleashes explosive power with destructive effect, while the other harnesses explosive power for a productive effect. Power out of control tears down. Power under control builds up. Freedom without authority is anarchy and breeds destruction. Freedom under authority is peace and brings fruitfulness. The same principle is at work in your life and mine. If we would know the productive potential of our lives, we must also kneel before the Man who commands demons, disaster and disease. There is a reason that both wise men and demon possessed men bow before the one Man, Jesus Christ. He alone is able to harness all the forces, good and evil, that make up our life. Can you even imagine the good that would come from the explosive power of your life harnessed by His command?

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