Who are you inviting to Christmas Dinner?

RE Verse reading–Mark 2:13-17 (Day Two)
“I didn’t come to call the righteous, but sinners.” Call to what? Was Jesus calling this room full of tax collectors to give up their careers and follow him? Likely not. It seems that Levi was the only one who received that invitation (14). Was he calling them to the great celebration dinner of the Messiah (I know it seems obscure, but some Jews thought the Messiah would throw a big party when he conquered the oppressive, foreign rulers)? Likely not. At this point in Mark’s story, Jesus’ identity as Messiah is still secret. So what did he call these “sinners” too? “Repent and believe” (1:15) was Jesus’ reoccurring theme. The message was no different that day. What was different was the audience–social deviants and outcasts not religious people “prepared” for the Messiah. “Good news of great joy” really is for “all people” (Luke 2:10)…even those people whom you’d never invite over for Christmas dinner.

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