Burned by the Church? Then serve it.

RE Verse reading–Mark 1:19-20, 3:13-17, 10:35-45 (Day 2)
Serve the church?! Why?! Isn’t it full of power-hungry self-promoters? Yes. Hasn’t it broken friendships over petty and ultimately meaningless squabbles? At times…yes. Why serve such a thing? Because Jesus served the church (10:45). How did Jesus respond to power-hungry self-promoters (Mark 10:37)? Jesus doesn’t reject them. He instructs them (10:38-39). Jesus doesn’t lash out at them. He paints a larger picture for them (10:40). Jesus doesn’t walk away from them. He calls them closer to himself (10:42). You may not like the church…and you probably have good reasons. But don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can have Jesus and not have the ones for whom He gave Himself as a ransom. Perhaps there is no better cure for your own power-hungry, self-promoting soul than serving other power-hungry self-promoters in the church near you.

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