Follow the Leader

RE Verse reading–Mark 1:16-18, 8:27-33, 14:26-31,66-72, 16:5-7 (day two)
When Jesus met Peter, he didn’t make Peter a leader. Peter brought natural gifting that has made many great leaders. Quick wit, passion, risk-taking ability, forcefulness, and courage are marks that cause leaders to rise in the ranks of military, business and academic achievement. Peter had all of these marks…before Jesus. Peter would even go so far as to attempt to lead Jesus himself telling him what he could and could not say, plan or expect (Mark 8:32). When Jesus met Peter, he made Peter a follower (Mark 1:17). It was only the leadership of Jesus that would eclipse the leadership of Peter. Peter found a leader greater than he, and so Peter became a follower. Have you yet found a leader greater than you? If so, perhaps you like Peter… and me…find yourself attempting to lead the Leader and after feeling the sting of His rebuke needing to remember whose wisdom, wit, passion, integrity and courage really is superior.

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