Who is God’s Wife?

RE Verse reading–Mark 1:1-11 (Day Two) “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God…You are my beloved Son…” If Jesus is God’s Son, who is God’s wife? It’s a fair question, especially coming from an eight year old. If Jesus is God’s son in the same way that I am my father’s son, then there are strange conclusions that follow about the nature of God. Psalm 2:7-9 shows that to be a “son” is not so much about progeny as it is about authority. It’s not merely sharing a name but sharing the power that goes with that name. When God claims Jesus as His “beloved Son,” he declares more about Jesus’ role as rightful ruler than about Jesus’ nature as divine. When you claim Jesus, you are not merely claiming a Savior. You are claiming a Master who carries the authority of the Supreme Lord, the Creator God. This raises an important question. Are you living under the authority of Jesus, the Son of God?

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