Who Did What?

RE Verse reading-Acts 13:1-5, 13-14, 42-52 (day five)
Scripture seems to say two different things in verses three and four. One verse says the church sent Barnabas and Saul, while the next verse states it was the Holy Spirit. So, Who did What? Which is true? The answer is BOTH. Now that’s an amazing conclusion with many implications and ramifications. Implications: The Holy Spirit, who is alive in the believer’s heart, speaks to and through each person. When we gather to search the scriptures, worship in song and sermon, pray together, and share in fellowship, the Holy Spirit may be speaking both personally and corporately to affirm God’s Plan for the future and His Will in the life of each member. Ramifications: We gather together with hope and hunger to hear and share what the Holy Spirit is saying. We listen and encourage one another because each has the Holy Spirit living inside them. I can’t wait for Sunday!!

Guest Blogger: Scott Lane – Associate Pastor, Education, Students & Venture

Author: Scott Lane

Scott Lane is the Executive Pastor of Ministry at FBCSA.

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