The community called together

RE Verse reading–Acts 6:1-7, 11:27-30 (day six)  “And the twelve called together the whole community of the disciples”  (6:2)  A very practical lesson.  The twelve called the church together and they came!  Like a business meeting –only with more people.  To avoid the fracturing effects of rumor and racial prejudice, a decision was required.  The Apostles knew that they needed the full support of the congregation.  The solution (in an age before E mail or “The Table”) was to call a meeting.  As a Pastor, I know this territory well.   Significant challenges are ahead for FBC.  Wonderful opportunities!  But after prayer and seeking the guidance of the Lord,  the next thing that we will need is to meet together and unite our hearts re. God’s direction for us.  October 28 is one of those “all-together” moments.  The annual “State of the Church” congregational meeting allows an opportunity for our whole family to to think together.  When called together will you come?

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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  1. I will make sure to pray for this meeting. I was fellowshipping with the Lord yesterday morning and caught a sense of the beauty of His plan that we would come before Him in humility and need realizing that without Him we can do nothing and request help/instructions in doing His will. We then watch Him Work/Answer and our response is to be hearts overflowing with thanks/praise. This leads to more humility, more of if His will being done and more thanksgiving. Then the cycle repeats in ever increasing amounts. How beautiful are His ways.

    Of couse lack of humility aborts the cycle. People all over the nation started a 40 days of prayer for our Nation commitment yesterday. My prayer is that many more will join us and we would truly seek Him in humility. As I watched the rain fall last night and praised Him I was so encouraged by His Goodness. Father may your Will be done in this Nation. Our hope is only in you.

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