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RE Verse reading–Acts 6:1-7, 11:27-30 (day two)  “It is not right that we should neglect the word of God in order to wait tables. . .will we devote ourselves to prayer and serving the word.”  (6:2, 4)  It is not apparent in English, but in vs 2 and 4 Luke uses the same word to describe two kinds of service.  The word is diakonos (deacon–to serve).  An action rather rather than an office, at least in this instance.  In vs 2 the call is to serve (diakonos) tables.  In vs 4 the call is to serve (diakonos) the word.  Notice the similarity?  No matter what our assignment is in the Kingdom we are all (always) called to humility.  None of us is higher or lower.  Our essential assignment is the same–to seek the Glory of God and the good of others.  “The greatest among you will be the servants” said the Lord in Matthew 20:26.  Different assignments–the same heart.  We are all called to be “small d” deacons.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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  1. Father, thank you that you have made a way for our minds to be renewed. Thanks to prior generations, we are well versed in how this world’s system works…. but we want to know how Your Kingdom works. We want to experience your Words when you say if you want to be great, be the servant of all…. if you want to be Rich, give all you have to the poor and follow Me…if you want to be Wise, become a fool….if you want to Live, then you must die… if you want to save your Life, then lose it for My sake. Clearly we cannot serve this world’s system and You… as they are “opposites.”
    Help us to truly see this reality. We want to learn it/live it ourselves and teach it to our children/this generation. To Your Glory alone! Amen.

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