Faithful in suffering

RE Verse reading–Acts 4:5-31 (day seven)  “Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness”  (vs 29)  It will cost us our lives.  Jesus warned us.  The recovery of Christianity will depend on our willingness to embrace this Christ-clarified conviction.  We will need to be bold even when it is unpopular.  In Acts 4, the persecution is mild, threats mainly.  By Acts 8, it will become cruel and public.  One form or another it continues to this very day.  But no matter how fierce, the opposition of the world is not enough to block the powerful momentum of Spirit-led Life.  Are we willing to pay this price?  1 Peter gives a clear summary of what is ahead and what is expected for those who love Christ.  “For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps”  (1 Peter 2:21)  May the Lord make us faithful.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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  1. Great sermon today! God has really been using your words lately to speak to me. Thank you.

    Be encouraged,my brother, the Life I see in you inspires me.

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