None righteous

RE Verse reading–Isaiah 10:5-27, 11:1-10 (day three)  “What then?  Are we better than they?  Not at all. . .as it is written, ‘there is none righteous, not even one’ ” (Romans 3:9-10)  It is an insight that helps me forgive others.  None are righteous.  Including me.  The reason I can, I should, I must forgive is that God holds me accountable for my attitude and actions, even in times when I feel that I have been mistreated.  I do NOT want to be found resisting God because I am angry with others  who have resisted me.  The full circle of His wrath, the fairness of it, is strange comfort.  God will judge Judah.  He then will judge Assyria. See today’s lesson–vs 12.  ALL of us must finally surrender and receive a mercy we did not earn or deserve, a righteousness in Christ.   It is not just the “bad guys” who need to hear the warning of His love.  There are none righteous.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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