Failure of leadership

RE Verse reading–Hosea 4:1-13b (day three)  “they exchanged their Glory for something disgraceful.  They feed on the sons of my people and relish their wickness” (vs 7b-8)  Part of God’s condemnation of Israel was especially aimed at the priests.  Priests were worship leaders, moral leaders–at least, they were intended to be.  Many failures.  They had exchanged their glory (their calling, their relationship with God) for disgraceful things (idolatry and immorality).  They had become co dependent on their sinful people.  In a tragic twist, they “needed” the people to be sinful.  It gave them a reason, a purpose.  Rather than leading their people to wholeness, they were stuck in a system with people perpetually ill.  Judgement is certain at such moments.  Along with other spiritual leaders, I am challenged by the question.  Are we committed to the health and wholeness of our people?  Do we preach sermons or do we make disciples?  Our nation’s destiny depends on the answer.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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  1. Totally unrelated… or maybe it is not… I have a testimony to give of the love of God.

    The Lord orchestrated a meeting between myself and a good friend last week. She is a Pastor’s wife. Just so happened that a person I have been witnessing to (mostly with my life) for what seems like forever was beside herself over her best friend’s sister who has been diagnosed with colon cancer. I asked her to print me out a picture of her and I agreed together in prayer with my friend on her behalf….for her healing.

    Today, the person I have been witnessing to said with tears, “Guess what, her scan was clear… it was a total shock… it was CLEAR.” Glory to God alone!! Overwhelmed with thankfulness, I just kept thinking….you may very well go to Hell…. but you will have to go around me to do so…. I am not going to let you go and Heaven is backing me up….GLORY TO GOD!!

    I was able to talk to her about the faithfulness of my God and how he wants us to truly love one another, because as she said, this person’s very believing family was at the end and just needed help. God heard their prayers all along, I assured her.

    A win/win…sounds like my God.

    Thank you Father..thank you.

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