Long live the King!

RE Verse reading–Matthew 28:16-20 (day four) “All authority has been given to me. . . go and make disciples. . .I am with you always”  (vs 18-20)  Long live the King.  As Americans we probably miss the meaning of such words.  We don’t have a King nor understand the hope expressed.  A good King is great government.  If he is wise and strong and fair, almost nothing is better.  Matthew 28 is the declaration of a living King.  “I am alive forevermore” (Revelation 1:18)  He lives, and by His own choice does so and through the lives of His people.  “As the Father has sent me so send I you”  (John 20:21)  A dead church cannot speak authentically of the Risen Savior. ” A non-missionary church never has much of Christ’s presence” (Alexander Maclaren) There is no place for hesitation or fear.  All authority is now His!  We are commanded to make disciples!  He is with us as we do!  Long live the King!

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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  1. No offense to Mr Maclaren, but is this statement True/Biblical…. given the context of the whole Bible?

    Although it might seem an unimportant question… to me it is HUGE.

    Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” Yet, we do not really believe this, do we? We do not come to church with the can-hardly-breathe expectation that He will actually be there in our midst. We do not behold His Glory… not because it is not available for us to do so… we just do not, and we miss out on the 2 Cor experience of “But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit (2 Cor 3:18). It is in this process of beholding that we are transformed into His likeness… which of course will make us missional.

    My point is that while many Americans from our current senior generation seem to believe firmly that we need to “earn” things from God (it seems to go along with their belief that any person is truly valuable only if they are “worthy” by the standards Satan has set forth in this world)…. I, however, see us trying to earn what He freely gives as us setting ourselves up against the Knowledge/Plan/Grace/Gift of God. Honestly, I get very nervous when I hear someone proclaim “He is here”… especially if it is in contrast to every other day when He is “not here”??? or only evidenced by circumstances or feelings.

    The reason it matters is because His children might read a statement like this and think that since they are not “worthy…a missionary” they cannot experience a true Life-giving relationship with God, experiencing His Presence on a daily basis… walking humbly with Him and letting Him BE OUR GOD… the very thing our Saviour purchased for us on the cross.

    Father… open our eyes!

    BTW I totally agree with the rest of the post especially the part about a Good King is great government. Our older generations are so panicked about the possibility of our current society falling (it already has) and yet there are those of us from younger generations who cry out to the Lord, “Shake us”… “Shake what can be shaken… until only what can’t remains.” May it be so. Amen.

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