If no one notices

RE Verse reading–Matthew 23 (day six)  “Everything they do is done for men to see”  (vs 5)  The Lord knows our hearts.  He knows how corrupting the desire for human recognition can be. It was evident in the lives of the Pharisees.   Good deeds, poor motives.  In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said that it was better to “serve in secret” than to risk letting this need for human approval rob us of spiritual gain.  Even though secrecy is to be balanced with sharing (cf Matthew 6:13)  the words of Christ are a warning to all of us.  What we often find discouraging–the fact that no one notices or appreciates our efforts (our children, our spouses, leaders in the church)– may actually be a good thing.  It is what Jesus refers to in vs 12 “whoever humble himself”.  Finally, we all have to reach this commitment, “I will serve with all my heart, even if no one notices.”  No one but God.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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  1. Amen.

    This week I have been struggling with my desire to serve the Lord. He spoke to my heart about having my desire fixed on serving “in a visible way.” That sometimes His children are called to “invisible” service and there is just as much dignity and usefulness in that….if that is what He has called you to. He has really helped me take my eyes off even this “good desire” and just focus fully on Him and what He is calling me to. I am thankful.

    That being said, even those of us who no one will ever know about/care about on any significant scale can have a huge voice/impact on a very small scale. I started this AM in prayer/peace and then went to the grocery store very early. All was well until I got to the checkout and saw a well-known sports magazine with a cover that went WAY BEYOND the border of decency. It was displayed at the level of a child…. right at the checkout stand. I spoke to the manager and took the unspoken disdain because it is wrong to allow this kind of thing in the public view… especially of children. We live in an adulterous, perverted, lustful, spiritually senseless generation…. but that is part of the reason we are still here. We know the Truth… we have sanctified minds/imaginations (hopefully), we are not unaware of Satan’s schemes (if the child on display or any of the men who will “notice” her had any idea they would run) and are called to act/pray and make changes in our world.

    I am not defeated. The last time this happened at another store, I earnestly asked God to help them repent… but if not to bring a competing store into the area (not for revenge, but so that I will have another place to shop). He has done so and it will open this Spring (rumor is). Until then, I will continue to struggle… not against flesh and blood…. but against the forces that use them.

    Matt 6:13 says “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” I am not sure that is what you meant to reference, but it sure seems appropriate for me to pray today.

    Father, I acknowledge You today as Lord over this and all situations. Thank you that you show us evil not so that we would condemn, but so that we would pray. I pray You will deliver us from evil.

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