NO Judgement?

Re:Verse reading–Matthew 7:1-27 (day one) It is one of the most recognized statements of Jesus.  Even secular people seem to know this verse in the Bible.  Perhaps this is because it fits a modern bias for absolute moral freedom.  Most moderns feel like we should be/are free to make any moral choice without the fear of being criticized or even evaluated.  Jesus, I believe, had something else in mind.  He was warning against being judgmental, not exercising judgement–which would include sober judgement as to choices that are cruel or kind, fair or unjust.  Even people must be judged.  How else will we know who the “pigs” are? (vs 6) Note the explanation that Christ provides to His own words in vs 3-5.  Do not judge harshly, regularly, hypocritically–applying a standard to others that you would avoid using on yourself!  It is judgement that lacks honesty and mercy that is being forbidden–not the ability to discern moral truth.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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  1. Let my eyes be sharp , my thoughts and emotions pure. May I not be drawn to make judgements under the influence of this world rather let it be the voice of the spirit I hear when I am quiet and listening.

    Thank you for your post it prompted me to pray. Happy Monday

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