Spiritual courage

RE Verse reading–Matthew 3 (day seven)  I am reading Laura Hillenbrand’s book Unbroken.  It is a moving story of the courage of the American pilots in the Pacific theater of WWII.  It reminds me of John the Baptist who was not a man to value comfort above duty.  From uncomfortable clothes to unappetizing diet, his path was not chosen with an eye for pleasure.  His only focus was on truth, and if “truth hurts” then so be it.  This same selflessness allowed him to face his opponents without surrender.  Their disapproval did not frighten him.  Neither did Herod’s which eventually cost him his life.  What an absolutely courageous man!  Pray that God makes us a generation like John.  Our nation, church and families would be radically changed if people served God with stubborn resistance against the softening desires of the flesh,  with the knowledge that the approval of Christ demands both physical and spiritual courage.  Have we grown soft, friends?  Pray not!  I will look for you in worship in a few hours.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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  1. I find it fascinating that John was filled with the Spirit from birth (not even sure how that is possible given our free will) and yet later sent a note to Jesus asking if He was the One who was to come.

    To my limited understanding/mind it just reiterates that we always only see in part and therefore we are to be always extending Grace to those around us… the righteous and the unrighteous….so that we are acting like sons/daughters of God… who is Good to the righteous and the unrighteous.

    I have learned through many mistakes that I have made that it is right to always have an aim to build others up. Paul writes again and again about his knowing that part of his task in the world was to build others up…. not tear them down.

    John was tough and threatening…. but the One who came after him… who was greater than him (in many ways including) in revelation of the Father’s heart came with compassion, “full of Grace and Truth.” This is what I pray for the American church. That we would be like our Lord.

    As I have so painfully learned Truth without Grace is a really bad idea.

    (Great sermon today. Our Pastor spent most of his preaching time informing us of his resignation, so I was thankful to have the opportunity to be instructed in the Word by you…. still the best Pastor I have ever heard. God Bless you!!)

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