Soft hearts

RE Verse reading–Matthew 3 (day four).  “And John consented” (vs 15).  Is this my story?   I hope so.  In another example of John’s humility, Matthew 3:15 tells of his willingness to act in a way that is “outside his comfort zone”, contrary to his own preference and logic. (the baptism of Christ) To consent translates a word that means “to send away” (ie to send away all the protests or counter considerations–to end the debate).  Whether John was persuaded by the argument or just humble enough to recognize the superior rank of Christ the scripture doesn’t say.  What it does say is that John possessed the requirement of every spiritually successful soul–a soft and obedient heart.  “Have thine own way, Lord.  Have thine own way.  Thou art the potter.  I am the clay” we sing in affirmation of this unbending truth.  Which is it?  Do you want YOUR way or HIS?  Is your heart soft or stubborn to the direction of God?

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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  1. Understanding how to truly let myself be “led by the Spirit” is my biggest concern right now. I just do not get it. I do know that there are times when my obedience to a particular situation can be fueled by either being persuaded He is Good/Right or just because He said so. That is why I loved the video I linked previously so much. The example of the man putting one of his few coins on the ground (presumably at least in my mind only because God told him to) is very inspiring to me as an example of true Spirit-led LIFE.

    The lesson I spoke of in the last post God confirmed (at least in my mind) as being legitimate. As I was shopping recently I heart “miss”… then again louder “miss”…she shouted this several times before I turned toward the end of the isle. There were several people on the same isle as me and so it made me wonder why she was yelling at me so particularly when there were others right around her. She, however, was a person of faith… she had a basket with basic necessities food in it and no money to pay for them. She boldly and purposefully approached me and asked for money to help her buy her groceries. Honestly, it was really odd that she did not ask the others right around her. I noticed her scarcely toothed mouth and the cross around her neck. I was afraid I had left my wallet at home, but sure enough as God placed the desire in my heart for an amount to give her… that exact amount was in the zipper pocket of my purse. I gave it to her and she gave me a really sweet hug and we parted ways. As I wondered why she approached me, it became so clear to me that it was because this was my opportunity… and there was a lesson to be learned.

    What an amazingly Good thing God has done. He allowed both of us to benefit from His confirmation of the lesson He has been teaching me. I am to love those He puts in front of me as if on a divine mission and to trust Him to both put that person in front of me and for the seeds to sow.

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