Promises Kept

Re:Verse reading – Matthew 1:18 – 2:15, 19-23 (day seven)

From Matt. 1:18 – 2:23, there are five references to prophecy and scripture being fulfilled. From, “Look! The virgin will conceive a son,” in 1:23 to “…that Jesus would be called a Nazarene” in 2:23. Jesus’s birth and life was the glorious culmination of God’s promises. Josh McDowell, in his book “The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict,” states that the Old Testament contains over three hundred references to the Messiah that were perfectly fulfilled in Jesus.
Why is important that Jesus Christ fulfilled prophecies? Because it means that God keeps His promises. The creator God, maker of heaven and earth, wants to have a relationship with us so badly that He sent His only son to die on a cross in our place. And because of this, God promised that we would live in eternity with Him if we only believe in Christ’s sacrifice. Reflect today on all that God promises you through the birth of His son. Doesn’t that make you glad?

Brad Livingston, FBC Lay Leader, guest blogger


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