ME vs. He

Re:Verse reading – 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 (day seven). It was one of the most profound feelings of weakness I’ve ever experienced, teaching from God’s Word while my words were translated into four languages.  I couldn’t rely on illustrations or vocal tone to add clarity. I couldn’t rely on building momentum with my words. In a way I’d never experienced, I couldn’t rely on ME. Yet, as I spoke of the overflowing grace of God, people leaned into the message. As I spoke of Jesus’ sacrifice, I saw waves of emphatic nods from believers that shouted a louder “AMEN” than I’ve ever heard from an English audience. I became aware of another reality alongside my weakness, “the power of Christ resting upon me” (verse 9). Power accompanied the message of Christ and was at work not because of me but through me. Is that power at work through you? If not, is the message of Christ’s grace coming from you?
Josh Vaughan, Minister to Young Marrieds and Yes, Lord! Community Ministries, guest blogger


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  1. The power of The Gospel is indeed “the power of God unto salvation” just as Paul said in Romans. Oh how we need to hear, teach, and preach The Gospel. Thank you Josh for a great example of this wonderful timeless truth! ALL Glory to our Great God!

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