Re:Verse – 2 Corinthians 12:1-10. (day three) I hate to be weak. I hate to be wrong. Grace is the gift that reminds me of each of those on a daily basis. What a beautiful thing. I’m weak and I’m wrong, thus I need a Savior. Fact. I love how the bible constantly presents these paradoxes, the beauty of the thorn that won’t leave Paul in the flesh. Without the weakness, I can’t see I need the dependence.  I choose to love to be weak; I choose to love to be wrong, that I may boast in the sufficiency of grace and the power of Christ that rests on me.  Grace IS (present tense) sufficient. Choose to embrace the beautiful grace of our wrongs made right in Christ’s deep love for us. How thankful I am for this church family that extends that grace to me and to this city. Make Him known! Serve Him well!!

Savannah Mora, Assistant Director, Youth, guest blogger

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