Stewardship of the Spirit

Our reflections this week have been on Spiritual gifts.  When God gives us His Spirit (the first gift),  the Spirit gives us capacity for service (the second gift).  When believers use abilities and possessions for the glory of God we call it stewardship.  The sermon this morning will tell one of the most inspiring stories of stewardship in the Bible–the widow who gave 2 pennies.  The only reason we know this story is that Jesus pointed it out to the disciples.  He made it part of His instruction to us re. money and its role in a spiritual life.  I am excited to preach this message!  Most of us would find more freedom and more joy if Christ had full possession of our wallets (and of our hearts, which is what our wallets tell Him).  “Come every soul by sin oppressed, their’s MERCY with the Lord.”  I will look for you in a few hours.  Love to you, dear friends.  Don

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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  1. As I sat in worship service this morning with visitors I had invited to FBC, I was impressed and proud with the manner in which the sensitive issues of stewardship, giving and finances were clearly presented from the pulpit. It was refreshing to hear such straight forward teaching of stewardship regarding money and its role in my spiritual life….my present will and testament.

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