If you remain silent

(Re Verse reading this week–Esther 4.)  Esther faced a dilemma we know well– remain silent or speak up,  seek safety or get involved.  It is always a costly choice.  We may not face death (a real possibility for her).  It will cost us our time and our energy, our comfort and sometimes our friendships.  Thank God for the Mordecais of the world who challenge us to something higher than safety and self.     Sunday is a Dedication Day for us at FBC (and for those who watch/follow around the nation and world)  We will rejoice in the Re Verse Study System and dedicate ourselves to a new year of spiritual power that comes from reading His word in unity.  Question–Isn’t God’s purpose for us to SPEAK what we learn to others?  Mordecai’s challenge hangs in my heart.  “If you remain silent. . .you and your family will perish”  May God give us courage in these crisis/opportunity days.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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  1. I’m getting caught up reading this week. The brief words in this entry seem to stand out like a faint signal in the distance to me.

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