Believing Prayer V

We are talking this week about faith and prayer, how prayer strengthens faith, how faith strengthens prayer.  Partners.  Remember, our faith is in God not it prayer itself. So, when you pray are you aware of the Lord’s presence?  Do you feel HIM stretching your trust, requesting a release of your inborn reluctance and resistance?  All believers still have residual unresolved sin (the natural man).  It is not a bad sign when you feel the struggle as you pray.  Good sign actually.  The most common mistake is to look for “magic words” that can be said to gain God’s favor, without going through the difficult process of learning trust.  It is in listening to Him and loving Him that trust is developed.  What we get when we pray is a real conversation with God.  What we get from this conversation is more faith.  What we get from more faith is more power as we pray.  Personal note–later today we will gather in memory of our friend and brother, Dr. Chuck Musfeldt.  Your prayers for the family, for the bus driver and for all who knew this man of God will be appreciated.  My love to you.

Author: Don Guthrie

Don Guthrie is the Senior Pastor at FBCSA.

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